Membership Dues – Monthly Payments

Membership Dues – Monthly Payments

$16.66 / month and a $190.00 sign-up fee

Pay your dues through a monthly payment.
$190 is for 2018 dues.
2019 dues are paid monthly – $200 / 12 months = $16.66

Dues cover the annual operating expenses of the Lodge. We have provided a convenient way of paying your annual dues. Membership dues are owed for the ensuing year.

For any questions, please contact Brother Secretary.


Breakdown of dues are as follows:

  • Lodge Assessments: $60
  • Grand Lodge Assessments: $35
  • Current Dues: $85

Lodge assessments are charged by the temple board to the members for maintenance and use of the building.

Grand Lodge Assessments are charged by the Grand Lodge for statewide management costs.

Dues are charged by the Lodge as a way to fund lodge initiatives such as activities and charities.